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FlexiDip Baby Learning Utensil | 2 CT | Blue Grey


About the Product

  • Patented Dual-flex™ design - Firm handle without the use of Plastic
  • Softer Silicone neck and spoon contours to all bowl shapes
  • Chew-friendly surface is ideal for teething. Safety tether to loop
  • Non-directional spoon grips purees within food channels
  • Reduce Spills and Promote Feeding Independence
  • BPA, PVC, Lead and Phthalate Free
  • Meets and exceeds US and European Test Standards


The Spoon Starts Here! 

The transition to solids should be a positive milestone, not a painful one. Introducing food is an adventure and our FlexiDip allows baby the feeding freedom to enjoy this new CHOO-able chapter! Our unique design allows for greater independence, providing beginners with more confidence and less mess.

FlexiDip Design: Our non-directional design does not require the coordination of a spoon and eliminates feeding frustration. Easy for beginners to grip purees within the food channels for maximum dipping. Flexible neck provides a critical pivot point to contour to all bowl shapes. Soft flat head allows for natural latching instinct. Firm handle is small but still comfortable for parent.

100% Platinum Silicone: We only use Premium grade silicone for our baby feeding products. Using a higher quality material ensures that the product is durable enough to withstand teething and repeated daily use. Our material does not harbor chemical odors and it can withstand high heat in the Dishwasher, Sterilizer and is Boil Safe.

    Contents: Two (2) FlexiDip Starter Spoons - Blue Grey